Vendor Programs

Vendor Programs

Commercial Industrial Finance is a leader in providing business solutions to manufacturers and dealers for the acquisition of equipment for their customers. We customize comprehensive Sales Finance Programs that are designed to assist you in selling more equipment, improving your sales force closing ratio, and reducing DSO and accounts receivable.
finance programs

When an equipment acquisition is not in your customer’s budget, their business is stifled, your business is stifled, and opportunities are lost
for all.

Industries Served

•  Construction
•  Healthcare
•  Industrial
•  IT / Software•  Laundry
•  Manufacturing
•  Office
•  Printing
•  Transportation
•  Waste and Recycling
•  Energy Related:
HVAC, Lighting, Building Management
Compressed Air, Refrigeration, VFD Motors

Services Include

•  Comprehensive relationship review and
•  Experienced in Direct and indirect sales
•  Private-label / Custom co-branded programs
•  21 Pt Pipeline analysis
•  Energy Savings Programs
•  Maintenance Funding programs
•  Rental and Upgrade programs
•  Pre-funding programs
•  Secured online finance dashboard technology
•  Sales tools and thorough channel training
•  Outbound marketing toolset